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Month: January, 2012


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Dear Future BF. . .

This is a lovely valentine’s day gift!


As a friend of mine put it, if Dwight won, America would have the largest beet farm on the face of the planet. . . now who wouldn’t go for that?!

I <3 Child Art

I was given this awesome canvas painting by one of my students, today!

. . .teaching has its perks.

Wishing You A. . .

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Sick Days

I have spent the past several days cooped up in my little studio being sick which ultimately led to lots of loafing around in bed with piles of kleenex, tv watching, reading, surfing the internet (hello, pinterest!), and catching up on my google reader. I’m beginning to feel better (hallelujah!) and am totally looking forward to relishing the sun and the Tucsonian forecast of 70 degree temperatures for the upcoming week!! I love this time of year in Arizona- sunny, crisp, cool days, plenty of citrus to go around, and the beginnings of a new year! 2012 is looking bright!!

(note to self- must get better, first!)

(artwork by Alyson Fox)

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